Terms and Conditions

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Cancelation Policy

We understand that sometimes life can throw challenges our way so if you cant make your appointment if you could give us at least 24 hours notice. We reserve the right to retain any booking deposits in full and for any missed appointments without notice and we reserve the right to ask for the full treatment value if an appointment is cancelled on the day.

Age Restrictions

We offer a wide variety of colour options for our clients and for this we always need to do a patch test. For our colour appointments we will not be able to proceed with any appointment if the customer is under the age of 16. This is the law so your age will be checked at each consultation appointment. This also applies to hair extensions.

We want all our customers to come relax and enjoy their experience here with us. It is a very busy environment with chemicals, hot appliances and sharp tools all around so for health and safety reasons we ask for no children to be brought into the salon please.

Training Days

If you have booked onto one of our training courses but are unable to attend we require at least two weeks notice before the actual training day. We can then either offer a refund or look at other available dates for you to attend. If you cancel during the last two weeks before your training day we will try our best to fit you onto the next training date but we would be unable to offer a refund.

Skin Patch Testing

It is a legal requirement to have a skin patch test done at least 48 hours before any colour / tint treatment. If you have not attended to have this done then we cannot complete your appointment. If you know you have skin sensitivity or have had a recent reaction to something then you need to let us know about this prior to your appointment with us.

Hair Extensions

We use hair extensions supplied to us from a selection of different companies who each have their own policies and procedures for complaints, quality and fair use. Once we have fitted your extensions we will always offer a follow up appointment at least one or two weeks after to make sure you are happy. If for any reason you are not sure about anything or have any concerns then you would need to contact us at least two weeks after application. This is due to the fact that any qualitative problem relating to the hair, will be visible well within two weeks from the date of application.


The GDPR regulates how individuals and companies collect, use, and retain personal data, which affects how we use and regulate the data we store about you. We are proud to comply along with our new GDPR policies and procedures and use Phorest Salon Software which ensures we are up to date with all the latest rules and guidelines set out by GDPR. Our Website also uses Cookies and Data to help your experience be an easy and fun way to access our information.


We take GDPR very seriously and by using our Phorest Salon Software we are complying to the laws for keeping your data safe and secure. We do not keep any data that isn’t linked to your services with us and if you require a copy of any records then you can request this at any time. We do not sell on any data to third parties and will not spam you with constant marketing emails.

Reminder emails and Reviews

We store your email address so our Phorest System can send you an appointment reminder email 24 hours before. You also may receive an email after an appointment with us asking you if you wish to leave a review. When you leave a review the information will be submitted to the services provider and Phorest. This information will be stored securely in computer storage facilities. We also ask you to leave reviews on our facebook and if you choose to do so you agree to that the content you have written will be published however the services provider or Phorest will not be held responsible for any wording by you in the review that might reveal your identity.


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